Lolldaiga Hills Ranch is a stunning fifty-thousand-acre cattle ranch and wildlife conservancy, just 20 km northwest of Mount Kenya.

Lolldaiga is an historical landscape with well-documented archaeological sites including cave paintings and burial grounds. Over the last five centuries the region has been inhabited by the nomadic Laikipiak Maasai, from whose language the name “Lolldaiga” comes, “Daiga” meaning braid.

Lolldaiga Ranch has been managed as a cattle ranch by one family for three generations, always with a strong regard for wildlife and conservation. The present owner, Robert Wells, has encouraged a series of long-running research studies focusing upon the wildlife and biodiversity of Lolldaiga, archaeology, climate change, and sustainable land management.

Lolldaiga Hills Ranch began a fuel wood collection programme fifteen years ago, in response to the felling of indigenous trees by people along the Timau River. It aims to provide fuel wood security to local communities in a sustainable manner with one hundred and twenty local women collecting dead wood and branches every week. The river defines and flows along the southern border of the Ranch. Riverine forest is one of the rarest habitats in Laikipia and has a broad and magnificent range of flora and fauna, including suni, bushpig, leopard, Colobus monkey and African clawless otter. 

The ranch is also committed to covering school fees for students and the salary of teachers from neighbouring areas. This programme, the Lolldaiga Hills Ranch Education Sponsorship Programme (LHRESP) aims to support students and teachers in nearby communities.

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