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Never a dull moment at Lolldaiga House. While the opportunities to sit back and relax are limitless, so too are the activities available
Game drives on Lolldaiga are a brilliant way to see wildlife, going further and further into the bush and exploring other beautiful locations nearby. There is a wide range of game on the farm, from lions to dikdiks, buffalo to leopards and a wonderful array of birds. You can look forward to early morning outings to see the sun rise over the ranch, topped with a delectable bush breakfast, or else afternoon drives ending with well-earned sundowners when your gin and tonic can be enjoyed from a whole new perspective; maybe the silhouette of a giraffe against a fiery red sky.
Lolldaiga Ranch offers a rare chance to experience the bush on foot. Knowledgeable armed guides will lead you around the area, sharing their expert understanding of the landscape and wildlife. The intimacy of a bushwalk is something not experienced when driving. Smaller things - and sights and sounds - can take on more meaning.


Another activity available is riding. Should you wish to see Laikipia on horse-back, this can be organized on nearby ranches. This is probably the best way to get around and there are always with new vistas to be enjoyed.


If you would like to change your frame of reference even further you might consider taking a helicopter trip. Using a very professional, locally based helicopter company, Tropic Air, you can up and away - to the snowy peaks of Mount Kenya and try your hand at trout fishing in the exquisite glacier lakes. Or you can fly north via the sacred Ololokwe mountain, a striking landmark - for a champagne breakfast - and on to explore the inaccessible reaches of the Suguta Valley.

Lolldaiga Hills has some lovely big dams, offering excellent bird-viewing. An old wooden hide on the edge of one dam allows the viewing (without disturbance) of wildlife from very close quarters; bathing elephants and other game; a rare and unforgettable experience.

 The Laikipia Plateau has long attracted avid birdwatchers from around the world as the varied terrain is home to nearly 400 species of birds. Waking up to the song of the spotted morning thrush is an excellent way to start one's day. The ranch is an indisputable paradise for avian enthusiasts; home to yellow-billed egrets, booted eagles, Eurasian Scops Owls and three hundred and seventy-nine other species.

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